Issue 2 and Volume 60.

METERAGE The number of meters added last year to those previously in service in Atlantic City, N. J., was 527, making a total in use at the close of last year, according to the Water Department’s Annual Report, of 7,140. The percentage of services metered was 99.6. In the report Engineer and Superintendent Lincoln Van Gilder gives the list of meters in service as: Crown, 52; Nash, 201; Hersey, 2,053; Trident, 3,391; Bee, 32; Niagara, 4; Keystone, 1,220; Gem, 2; Crest, 7; Torrent, 46; Lambert, 6; Union King, 25; Worthington, 12; Ganton, 80; Compound, 3; Detector, 6; total, 7,140. The services in use numbered 7,167. The report for 1915 of the South Norwalk, Conn., water works, owned by the Second Taxing District of the City of Norwalk, Conn., states that the domestic consumption is using 135 gallons per capita per day and that this is an excessive amount, with the…

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