The Austin Water Department

Issue 2 and Volume 60.

The Austin Water Department E. C. Bartholomew, councilman and superintendent of Parks and Public Property of Austin, Tex., has issued the Water, Light and Power Department report for the year 1915 and in it he states relative to the water department that during the year the filter system was improved and no water is pumped in the mains except that filtered through the sand and gravel beds adjacent to the river. The earnings for 1915 were $112,107.26. The total expense of the water department was $69,271.21. The report of Walter P. Johnson, chief engineer at the plant, states the follow’ing table shows the quantity of water pumped per month for the year 1915: January, 91,547,880 gallons; February, 84,073,300 gallons; March, 87,177,050 gallons; April, 90,013,930 gallons; May, 114,146,890 gallons; June, 119,976,230 gallons; July, 144,868,220 gallons; August, 121,406,520 gallons; September, 105,543,770 gallons; October, 132,014,250 gallons; November, 126,233,080 gallons; December, 103,344,370 gallons. Total…

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