Issue 2 and Volume 60.

CINCINNATI WATER WORKS DEVELOPMENT. Much valuable and interesting information concerning the program for water works development in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, is contained in a report, the annual report for 1915, made by Water Superintendent J. A. Hiller to Service Director Hornburger. The growth of the city is going on so rapidly that Superintendent Hiller concludes that within two years there will be need for an additional 17,000,000 gallon pumping engine for the eastern hills and another 7,000,000 gallon pumping engine for the western hills service. The Kennedy Heights group of tanks are now well under way to completion. This new equipment is as a supplement to the eastern hills service and is designed to keep pace with the hill-top growth of the city in an eastward and northeastward direction. Mr. Hiller has in preparation plans for additional storage tanks on College Hill to relieve that part of the…

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