How Oklahoma City Will Spend $1,500,000 On Water Wokrs

Issue 2 and Volume 60.

How Oklahoma City Will Spend $1,500,000 On Water Wokrs Commissioner Guy Blackwelder and City Engineer Guy V. McClure, of Oklahoma City, Okla., have given out the following estimate of how the $1,500,000 recently voted for water works extensions at Oklahoma City will be apportioned: Land to be acquired, $150,000: main dam and spillway, $200,000; clearing and grading main reservoir, $62,000; diversion dam, $40,000; bypass, $465,500; feed control works between the two dams, $36,500; flume, $19,500; dikes on south and west side of main reservoir, $18,500; forty-two-inch conduit, 7 1/2 miles long, reservoir to present water works, $125,600; twenty million gallon clear well to hold water at plant after treatment, $50,000; drainage canal, south and west sides of reservoir, to keep out surface water, $19,000; engineering, inspection and supervision, $64,000; additional mains and lateral extensions, $250,000; total, $1,500,000. Superintendent J. W. Bennett is working on plans for the extension of the…

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