Issue 3 and Volume 60.

THE BALTIMORE FIRE DEPARTMENT The fire department of the city of Baltimore, Md., has been on a full paid basis since 1893. The total membership on February 1, 1916, was 86; the force was 762, an increase of about 12 per cent, since January 1, 1910. General supervision is under three fire commissioners. They are: Richard H. Johns, president; Sidney T. Manning and Albert Diggs. The chief, August Emrich, who is 52 years old and was appointed chief in 1912, has been 32 years in service, is the executive head and has control over men and apparatus, with power to make assignments and transfers and enforce discipline, subject to the approval of the commissioners. The deputy chief is Levin H. Burkhardt, appointed to that position in 1912, and who has been 26 years in the service. There are eight district chiefs: Michael A. Lind, Janies V. McCarron, Frederick Branan, E.…

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