Ink Plant Damaged at Chicago

Issue 4 and Volume 60.

Ink Plant Damaged at Chicago The plant of the Carter Ink Company, at Chicago, Ill, was damaged by fire a short time ago. The fire originated in the rear of the second floor, from spontaneous combustion, at 11.09 p. m., and burned for three hours and 45 minutes before being extinguished. Upon its arrival the department found the fire had gained such headway it was burning fiercely and considerable smoke was coming from the building. Owing to the general efficiency of the department, of which F. O’Connor is chief, and the skillful leadership of Battalion Chief Benjamin F. O’Connor, who was in command, the fire was extinguished with comparatively small loss. The damaged building was five stones high, and was constructed of brick and wood about 30 years ago. There were 197 firemen at the blaze accompanied by the following apparatus: 16 Metropolitan engines, 2 chemical engines, one Knott engine,…

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