Harvester Plant Fire Near Medicine Hat

Issue 4 and Volume 60.

Harvester Plant Fire Near Medicine Hat Owing to lack of water, the department of Medicine Hat, Alb., Canada, was recently unable to prevent the total destruction of the plant of the Dominion Harvester Company, located outside of the city limits, in spite of efforts made by Chief W. E. Hatcher and his men. The department succeeded in preventing the spread of the flames to other property. The destroyed building was valued at $50,000, and its contents of shells for the allies at a similar sum. Upon receipt of the first alarm, by way of telephone, Chief Hatcher, accompanied by 10 firemen and one Webb pumping engine, set out for the burning plant. He found the building all aflame upon his arrival. Thirty-five persons were employed at the plant at the time of the fire, but none were injured. The destroyed building was one story high and occupied a space of…

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