Water Rater in Elmira

Issue 4 and Volume 60.

Water Rater in Elmira A statement given out by H. M. Beardsley, general manager of the Elmira, N. Y., Water Department, relative to the minimum rate which has been adopted by the Water Board, says: “There is absolutely no change in the so-called flat or non-meter rates. As to rates, the history is this: For years there hasbeen a minimum meter rate of $12 per annum and meters were not set, except in business places, where the number of fixtures would not call for a rate of at least $12 per year on the flat rate basis. It was argued, however, that the consumer with a kitchen sink only (yearly flat rate $6), or the consumer with kitchen sink and boiler (yearly fiat rate $10) could waste as much water as any other consumer if there was no check on the waste by the meter. This being admitted, it was…

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