Two Platoon at Pittsburgh

Issue 4 and Volume 60.

Two Platoon at Pittsburgh The two platoon system was put into effect in the Pittsburgh, Pa., fire department on July 10 and in the reorganization of the department made necessary by this change thirty-eight lieutenants were promoted to captains, twenty-four assistant engineers to engineers, and ten sub-firemen to firemen. These recommendations were made by Director of Public Safety Charles S. Hubbard and Chief James F. Richards and were approved by Mayor Armstrong. The appointment of ninety new firemen and forty sub-firemen was also approved by the mayor. The reorganization of the fire bureau provides a total of 905 men, an increase of 101 over the former pay roll. There arc now 98 captains, 42 lieutenants, 43 engineers and a list of about 50 sub-firemen. Several new lieutenants will be appointed later. Under the new arrangement the firemen will be on duty for 12-hour shifts daily. To celebrate the installation of…

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