Ice Plant Damaged at Milton

Issue 4 and Volume 60.

Ice Plant Damaged at Milton The two-story, wooden plant of the Milton Ice Company, at Milton, Ore., was damaged by fire a short time ago. The cause of the fire is not known, but it started at one end of the building near the roof, at 5.20 p. m. Owing to the construction of the building the fire gained great headway, so that upon the arrival of the department, the whole of the roof was in flames. Despite this start, however, Chief William Best and his men, by efficient work, saved the greater part of the building and its contents. The chief had twenty men at the fire, and had one chemical engine, 1,000 feet of cotton rubber-lined hose and three smoke helmets in service. The hose was equipped with ⅞-inch nozzles. The greatest number of streams thrown at one time was four. There were three 4-inch double hydrants available…

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