Vessel Damaged by Fire at Oakland Ship Yard

Issue 4 and Volume 60.

Vessel Damaged by Fire at Oakland Ship Yard A ship located at Moore and Scott’s Ship Yards, Oakland, Cal., was recently damaged by fire which started in the hold at 8 p. m. A telephone call brought the department quickly to the burning vessel. Chief E. Whitehead and the fifty men who accompanied him worked with great skill and succeeded in keeping the loss down to a very low figure, $5,000. The ship was valued at $100,000. The following apparatus was at the fire: One Seagrave-Gorham motor pumping engine, one service truck, two steam engines, one squad wagon and two chiefs’ cars. Four engine streams were thrown from the 3,000 feet of hose in service. This hose was equipped with lHj-inch nozzles. Draeger smoke helmets, circulating nozzles and Gorter nozzles were employed in fighting the fire.

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