Issue 4 and Volume 60.

WATER WORKS NEWS ITEMS During a recent test, the new city well at Nevada, Ia., pumped 350 gallons of water per minute. The work of constructing the new $400,000 water works for Aberdeen, Wash., was begun recently. The work of laying the new water mains at Auburn, N. Y., was stopped owing to a strike of the laborers. The Council of Green Bay, Wis., it is stated, will not take action for some time in the matter of the new water works. The contract to install the water system at Greensburg, Kans., has been awarded to Everett & Burke, local contractors. Press reports from Centreville, la., state C. J. Nelson, of Creston, la., is installing a complete water works system on his farm. The city of Durham, N. C., has recently purchased the water works plant of the Durham Water Company, for the sum of $325,000. The West Side reservoir…

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