Issue 4 and Volume 60.

METERAGE The Board of Water Commissioners, of Doyer, N. J., authorized the Town Clerk to notify the George Richards Company that a meter must be placed on its elevator service pipe before August 1. A Portsmouth, N. H., newspaper states that since the installation of the meter system the city of Portsmouth has saved such large quantities of water that on a great many days one of the pumps is closed down for several hours. Service Director G. G. McClaskey of Canton, O., has announced that every residence found to be using water wastefully will be metered. Director McClaskey is making tours of the city to discover consumers who are wasting water. In a recent statement advocating a certain rate schedule, Mayor Rockwood, of Cambridge, Mass., made the following statements relative to meterage: “I am satisfied that a reduction of one-third of the water rates for the small consumer will…

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