Novelty Goods Fire in Paris, Illinois

Issue 4 and Volume 60.

Novelty Goods Fire in Paris, Illinois The U. O. Colson & Company building in the central part of Paris, Ill., and occupied as a novelty goods house, was the scene of a fire on June 12, which started in one corner of the third floor and was prevented from reaching the other floors by the able work of the fire department, directed by Chiel Charles H. Ulrich. The building is a three story brick structure with metal roof and having frontage on a 6-foot street and an alley. The department received the alarm by telephone at 10 a. m., and the fire had already gained a considerable headway. Chief Ulrich had fifteen men, including ten volunteers. The only apparatus was a 70-gallon chemical engine. There is a twelve-inch main in the street in front of the building and, with direct pumping system, there was 70 pounds pressure at the hydrants,…

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