Worcester Protective Department

Issue 4 and Volume 60.

Worcester Protective Department The Worcester, Mass., Protective Department recently held its annual meeting and reorganized, providing for the continuance of the Insurance Fire Patrol for another year. During the meeting Captain Hiram R. Williamson, head of the department, made his 40th annual report, and was re-elected as commander of the department. The year’s work of the fire patrol, as reported by Capt. Williamson, showed in part that responses were made to 1,306 alarms of all sorts. This was 363 less than in 1915. There were 515 fires where loss occurred. The total loss as far es adjusted was $155,142.69; insurance on buildings, $2,550,612; insurance loss on buildings, $68,295.25; insurance on contents, $1,071,577; insurance loss on contents, $65,168.45; blanket insurance, $1,638,980; blanket insurance loss, $15,321.01; total insurance, $5,281,169; total insurance loss, $148,784.71. Stock covers spread were 1,031; roof covers spread, 34; total covers spread, 1,065; extinguishers used, 31; fires extinguished, 25.

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