Issue 4 and Volume 60.

PROGRESS OF WATER DISENFECTION IN MARYLAND There are eighty-three public water supplies in Maryland, serving about 842,500 people, 62.1 per cent, of the estimated total population of 1,357,374. Several community systems delivering water to small groups of houses, and also institutional supplies, arc not included in this number. The State, through its State Board of Health, has had, since 1914, strict supervisory control over the design, construction and operation of water systems. No material extensions of, nor alterations in, existing systems can be legally made, nor can new supplies be installed, unless complete plans and specifications covering the proposed work are submitted to the State Board of Health for approval and a written permit is granted by that body. Moreover, when deemed necessary for the public health or welfare, the State Board of Health may require existing water systems extended or altered, and it is ‘empowered to compel the installation…

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