Good Results of Fire Prevention Work at Murphysboro

Issue 4 and Volume 60.

Good Results of Fire Prevention Work at Murphysboro The Fourth of July this year was the first Fourth of July to pass since the Murphysboro, Ill., paid fire department, of which Chief Albert Herring is the able head, was established, (twelve years), without the department having a single call. During the past fiscal year, ending May 8, 1916, the fire loss in Murphysboro was lower than the past six years, which is ascribed to the efficient fire prevention work of Chief Herring’s department. Through the inspection of flues Chief Herring has succeeded in eliminating the defective flue fires in this city and the city has not had a basement fire for eleven years. The business district of the city is inspected every month. Recently Chief Herring made an eighty-six mile ride in a motor car, at night, to Cobden, to respond to a call for a lungmotor to try to…

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