Water Works Systems in Canada

Issue 4 and Volume 60.

Water Works Systems in Canada A new edition of a report on water works and sewerage systems in Canada has recently been issued by the Canadian Commission of Conservation, in which it is stated that in 1867 Canada had only 7 water works systems; today there are 528. The total cost to date has been $123,000,000, and the annual maintenance charge is $4,500,000. The total daily consumption is more than 425,000,000 imperial gallons (510,000,000 United States gallons). About three-fifths of the plants get the supply from lakes or streams, and the remainder from springs or wells. Of these plants 396 are owned by the municipalities. American engineers and contractors should have a fair chance to obtain some business in building and improving water systems in Canada. It is believed a Boston engineer planned the system installed in St. Stephen, some years ago, with excellent results. As evidence of a field…

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