Explosion and Fire at Black Tom Pier

Issue 5 and Volume 60.

Explosion and Fire at Black Tom Pier Early Sunday morning damage roughly estimated at over $10,000,000 was done by explosions and fire at Black Tom wharf, Jersey City, N. J. Warehouses, cars and barges containing ammunition and oil tank boats for the Entente Allies were destroyed. The force of the explosions was such that they were felt in New Jersey, New York City and Long Island. Many windows were shattered on the lower part of Manhattan Island. At 12:45 o’clock in the morning an alarm reached Fire Headquarters in Jersey City by way of the American District Telegraph Company. The report said “some rubbish burning,” but as the rubbish was said to be on Black Tom pier, which juts into New York harbor south of Commounipaw and for more than a year has been a principal shipping centre for war munitions going to the Entente Allies, Fire Chief Boyle went…

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