Issue 5 and Volume 60.

RECENT PATENTS. 1,186,251. Mixing-head for fire-extinguishers. William W. Walker, Camden. N. J., assignor to MacAndrews & Forbes Co., same place. 1,190,920. Sewage-screening apparatus. Alphonse M. Leoni, Brooklyn, and Albert F. Schreiner, Long Island City, N. Y., assignors to said Alphonse M. Leoni. 1,190,958. Flow-controller for sewers. Arthur R. Selden, Rochester, N. Y. 1,190,251. Current-meter (water). Daniel A. Munroe, Wilkinsburg, Pa., assignor to Pittsburgh Meter Co. 1,191,024. Fire-alarm. James T. Nelson, Belton, S. C., assignor of one-half to George H. Clement, same place. 1,191,293. Automobile fire apparatus. Herman G. Farr, Springfield, Mass. 1,191,340. Sprinkler system. John T. O’Brien and Wellington G. Sargent, Grand Rapids, Mich. 1,191,667. Indicator attachment for fire-bucket supports. Joseph O. Charpentier, Concord, N. H.

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