Issue 5 and Volume 60.

WATER WORKS NEWS ITEMS The Needham Water Works Company, of Chicago, Ill., has dissolved. A 20-inch main is being laid in the principal street of Pottstown, Pa., in order to provide for an increase in population. Mayor McKesson, of Colorado Springs, Colo., has received an offer from the resident executor for the Palmer estate to sell the Glen Eyrie water works system to the citv of Colorado Springs for $100,000. The water works system at Valley Falls, Kans., is being increased by the drilling of two new wells, which, when completed, will enable the water department to supply the town with 100,000 additional gallons of water a day. The water works of Hamilton, O., during June, pumped 2,800,000 gallons of water for the consumption of the citizens, which quantity increased during the first two weeks of July to 3,333,000 gallons. The Hamilton water works plant has a capacity of 6,000,000…

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