Issue 5 and Volume 60.

WATER RATES The City Council, of Cambridge, Mass., has passed the ordinance calling for a rate of 10 cents for every 100 cubic feet of water over the veto of Mayor Rockwood. The City Council of Cambridge, Mass., has passed an ordinance calling for the establishment of a rate of 10 cents per 100 cubic feet of water. This ordinance is now before Mayor Rockwood. An ordinance amending the meter rates at Ogden, Utah, which was introduced by Superintendent Miles L. Jones, has been passed. The minimum rates will be 75 cents a month with the rates per 1,000 gallons varying from six to twelve cents for amounts ranging from 1,000 to over a million gallons. The New Jersey Board of Utilities Commissioners have approved a new schedule of rates for mercantile establishments supplied by the Delaware River Water Company, which operates in Beverly and vicinity. There is a minimum…

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