Rules for Preventing Automobile Fires

Issue 6 and Volume 60.

Rules for Preventing Automobile Fires Owing to the large number of automobile fires which have occurred at Memphis, Tenn., recently, Chief McFadden, of that city, has issued the following advice to automobile owners and chauffeurs for preventing fires: A large number of all automobile fires could be avoided by a little extra caution on the part of motorists. Backfiring, caused by a lean mixture of gasoline, is the principal cause of all auto fires. In cases of back-fire, a sheet of flame comes from the air intake of the carburetor. If there is anything inflammable in that vicinity it is apt to take fire. Another source of trouble is gasoline vapors in the drip pan. A hole should be made in the pan so that the gasoline will drain off before it has time to vaporize. Leaks in the gasoline pipe line should be watched closely. A redhot exhaust pipe…

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