Issue 6 and Volume 60.

TABLE OF CONTENTS The New Orleans Water Works 81 Features of the Somerville Water System 84 Rules to Prevent Automobile Fires 83 The Lynn Fire Department. (Illustrated) 83 A New Raw Water Supply for the City of McKeesport. By E. C. Trax 86 Death of Chief W. E. Markwith 88 Recovering Cost of Extinguishing Fires. (Editorial) 89 The Water Supply of McKeesport. (Editorial)..89 Bakery Building in Columbus Damaged .92 The Passaic Fire Department .91 Reduction of Beaver Company’s Valuation .89 Waste of Water in Philadelphia .87 Central New York Volunteer Firemen Hold Annual Meeting .88 New Well at Stuart .90 Questions and Answers .93 Dry Materials Cause Spread of Fire at Needles. (Illustrated) .85 Explosions and Fire at Black Tom Pier. (Illustrated) …88 Chief Hous’on, of Cincinnati .92 Changes in Routine of Pittsburgh Firemen.88 The Battle Creek Water Supply .90 The Standpipe at Boothbay. (Illustrated).90

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