New Water Works System for Ironton

Issue 6 and Volume 60.

New Water Works System for Ironton A new water works system is being installed at Ironton, O., consisting of a filtration plant, a 4,000,000-gallon reservoir, a pumping station, a well, an intake tunnel, mains and some pumpung machinery. A $350,000 bond issue will be sold on September 2, to pay for the new system. The J. F. Witmer Company, of Buffalo, N. Y., is the engineering company in charge of the work and W. L. Watson is resident engineer. The following companies are at work on the new system: The New York Continental Jewell Filtration Company, of New York, filtration plant: Morydith Construction Company, of Marietta, O., reservoir: Sherer, Mountain & Grimes, of Ironton and Portsmouth, O., force and supply mains: Haussman & Shumway, pumping station, well and intake tunnel. Bids are now being advertised for, for the purchase of the $330,000 bond issue.

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