Meterage at Douglas

Issue 7 and Volume 60.

Meterage at Douglas Acting Mayor Bernard of Tucson, Ariz., recently wrote to Mayor Adamson, of Douglas, Ariz., asking a number of questions relating to meterage in that city. The acting mayor of Tucson had heard of the success of the Douglas plant as operated on a meter system and among the questions asked were: “Do you use a water meter system?” “What are the charges for water?” ‘How does it compare with former Hat rate service?” “Do the people of your city prefer the meter or Hat rate?” “What is the popu’ation of your city?” Mayor Adamson turned the questions over to F. P. Ahern, cashier of the Water Department, who gave detailed information to the Tucson executive. According to Arizona newspapers, Mr. Ahern told him the minimum rate was $1.50 for 3,000 gallons, with the graduated scale of increased charge for greater consumption. He strongly recommended the installation of…

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