Issue 8 and Volume 60.

CONVENTION DATES August 23-25—VIRGINIA STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Thirtieth annual convention at Harrisonburg, Va. Secretary, J. E. Glenn, Harrisonburg. August 21-25—PACIFIC COAST ASSOCIATION OF FIRE CHIEFS. Twenty-fourth annual convention at San Diego, Cal. oecretary, H. W. Bringhurst, of Seattle, Wash. Aug. 22-25—INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MUNICIPAL ELECTRICIANS. Annual convention at Baltimore, Md. Secretary, Clarence R. George, Houston, Tex. August 21-25— PACIFIC COAST ASSOCIATION OF FIRE CHIEFS. Annual convention to be held at San Diego, CaL August 29-September 1—INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIA TION OF FIRE CHIEFS. Annual convention to be held at Providence, R. I. Secretary, Chief Tames McFall, Roanoke, Va. August 31—NEW ENGLAND STATES VETERAN FIREMEN’S LEAGUE Mustet at Providence, R. I. September 13-15. NEW ENGLAND WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. Convention in Portland, Me. Secretary. Willard Kent, Narragansett Pier, R. I. Sept. 20 21-22—MASSACHUSETTS STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION, Gloucester, Mass. D. Arthur Burt, Secretary. Nov. 10-1S—FTRE MARSHALS’ ASSOCIATION OF NORTH AMERICA. Convention at Nashville, Tenn. Recent…

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