“Michigan” Line of Water Works Supplies

Issue 10 and Volume 60.

“Michigan” Line of Water Works Supplies Back in the pioneer days of Detroit, now the sixth city of the United States, Flower Bros., foundrymen, started the manufacture, in 1852, of a line of valves and hydrants under patents granted them. In a number of the larger cities of to-day, many of these early date “public servants” are reported as still rendering excellent service. Since then, the “Michigan” brand of water works supplies has been established in every state of the Union. The original members of the Flower Bros, firm have passed away— their patents have expired through limitation, and the leading features of their goods have been adopted by a number of manufacturers of to-day. The business was reorganized and continued after having outgrown its old quarters, now the heart of the city. Corporation succeeded firm, and changes followed in executive head and management. Through all, however, the Flower ideas…

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