Issue 10 and Volume 60.

FILTRATION Dr. Duke, Oklahoma State Commissioner of Health, has been asked by the state superintendent of schools to make an analysis of the water supply of each city where a state educational school is located. This request was made as a precautionary measure to insure good water when students return to school this fall. An experience of the past, when the Commissioner of Health discovered that the water supply for one of the institutions was unhealthful, caused the superintendent’s action. In his recent report on an inspection of the Steubenville, O., water works departmment, Inspector Aaron Moul said, relative to filtration: “The people of Steubenville can congratulate themselves on being able to take the raw water from the Ohio River and filter it and produce the quality of water that meets their requirements. Not that the Ohio River water is much different from any other rivef water, but that the…

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