The Water Situation in San-Faancisco and Near-by Cities.

Issue 12 and Volume 60.

The Water Situation in San-Faancisco and Near-by Cities. In the course of an article dealing with the future water needs of communities near to San Francisco, Cal., a newspaper of that city recently said : “The water problem is becoming acute in the east bay cities. Increasing population is already producing a shortage in many sections. Growth cannot continue without increase of water supply and, while money and hard work can provide temporary relief, it will he only temporary, for the aggregate of the sources now dedicated to the east hay cities cannot be developed to supply the future needs of the territory involved, which include storage for a three years’ supply. The growing communities on the peninsula are already realizing their danger, although money enough would probably enable them to get on for a good many years. No single municipality, however, has the means to accomplish it ana San…

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