Issue 12 and Volume 60.

FIRES CAUSED BY ACCIDENT, CARELESSNESS OR DESIGN The subject allotted to me is one that covers the origin of all fires. The causes of fires are grouped under three headings, namely,— fires caused by accident, fires caused by carelessness. and intentional fire, and I shall endeavor to deal with each group separately. Accidental Fires. Accidental fires are caused through an origin that is not easily preventable or discerned, such as hazards of machinery, heating, lighting, etc. And while the majority of the cities and towns are gradually adopting precautionary measures, in the carrying out of rigid inspections of fall lighting and heating installations,— it is the haphazard installations of previous years that is the common cause of accidental fires of that nature. Accidental fires occurring through faulty construction of chimneys and fireplaces, and through the improper installation of heating apparatus are all factors that can be remedied by proper building…

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