Ice Houses Destroyed at Essex Falls.

Issue 12 and Volume 60.

Ice Houses Destroyed at Essex Falls. Eight wooden ice houses containing a large quantity of ice, owned by Charles W. Mears, were destroyed by fire at Essex Falls, Mass., on August 19. Upon the arrival of firemen, many of whom came from neighboring towns, the flames had gained considerable headway. Lyman James, who was in command at the fire, and the one hundred firemen who were at the blaze, did excellent work, although unable to save the buildings from destruction. The following equipment was used in fighting the fire: 850 feet of hose, equipped with 1 1/8-inch nozzles, 2 hand tubs and 1 ladder truck. Three was the largest number of streams thrown at one time. The destroyed ice houses were valued at $40,000, and the contents at $10,000. The buildings were about six vears old, and contained wooden partition walls.

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