Issue 13 and Volume 60.

FIRE PREVENTION COMMITTEE OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION. The report of the Committee on Fire Prevention of the International Association of Fire Engineers, which held its convention in Providence, R. I., on August 31st-September 1st, the committee consisting of George I. Johnson, chairman; F. E. Henderson, A. S. Aungst, C. H. Henderson, J. Harry Johnson and George Booth, was in part as follows, and did not appear in previous issue because of lack of space. Your committee decided to report on Fire Prevention Methods in the smaller cities by ottering a few suggestions for successfully performing the duties imposed upon the Chief Engineer ot the average small city and town of the country, where dependence is placed almost entirely upon the hire Department for the prevention as well as the extinguishment of fires. Owing to the increasing number of fires which occur in school buildings, your committee further decided that the…

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