Ahrens-Fox Pumper Has Good Test at Hoboken

Issue 13 and Volume 60.

Ahrens-Fox Pumper Has Good Test at Hoboken The new 1,000-gallon Ahrens-Fox motor pumping engine recently delivered to Hoboken, N. j., was given a highly satisfactory test Sunday, September 24, before Chief Dunn and other Hoboken officials and chiefs from several surrounding cities. The demonstration was a formal one given prior to the acceptance of the machine by the cite. All afternoon until dark the machine pumped, without the slightest hitch, and those who witnessed the test expressed themselves as being highly nleased with the performance of the engine. The accompanying photographs were taken bv a staff representative of FIRE ANP WATER ENGINEERING. Following are the official results of the tests, prepared by George W. Booth and W. M. Johnson of the National Board of Fire Underwriters: Type of machine, L-2. Engine: Six-Cylinder, 5⅞-inch by 7-inch stroke; H. P., 96.6. Pump: Multiplex, 6-cylinder, double acting. Bore (3-5/8-inch, 4⅛-inch) stroke 6-inch. Gear…

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