Issue 14 and Volume 60.

SHOULD WOOD SHINGLES BE ABOLISHED? At the annual meeting of your board of directors there was assigned to me the subject “Does the Menace of the Wood Shingle Jusuty Its Abolitionf” It was little any of us then present realized that betore my paper should be presented the most disastrous results that have yet been known on the American continent, due to this cause, would have been impressively brought to your attention. I refer, needless to say, to the sweeping conflagrations that occurred last spring in such rapid succession at Paris, Tex., Nashville, Tenn., and Augusta, Ga.—conflagrations tnat occurred with such short intervals as to stagger the country and entail a total loss of some eighteen million dollars. As insurance engineers were promptly on the ground and made a thorough and intelligent study ot the causes and effects of these fires, with a view to drawing from them at least…

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