Chief Kellogg on Fire Prevention

Issue 14 and Volume 60.

Chief Kellogg on Fire Prevention Chief George M. Kellogg, of Sioux City, Ia., stated his views on fire prevention in an interview printed in a local paper as follows: “Each individual should acquire the spirit of fire prevention. which is to be crystallized on October 9, the day set aside by the fire prevention committee of the Safety First Federation of America for a general reduction of fire hazards through co-operation. Suggestions for fire prevention have been made hundreds of times, and fire hazards have been decreased, but not enough. An organized effort in that direction seems to be the best method of obtaining results. Unnecessary risks are accountable for many fires. Rubbish in dark corners, defective lighting and heating apparatus, faulty building construction, absence of lightning rods, carelessness in handling of gasoline, placing of matches in exposed places, hanging of lace curtains close to gas jets, or any one…

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