Pyramid Double Acting Piston Pump

Issue 14 and Volume 60.

Pyramid Double Acting Piston Pump The rapid extension of electric power circuits throughout towns, villages and country districts has now made it possible and desirable to have a power pumping equipment for general water supply, fire protection and various other services on farms and country estates. That the reliability and convenience of power pumping is appreciated is evidenced by the large sales such pumps are enjoying. To meet demands for a reliable, rugged and compact power pump, the Goulds Manufacturing Company of Seneca Falls, N. Y„ has developed a line of single cylinder double acting piston pumps of which the one illustrated is typical. The pump shown is the 2 1/2 by 4-inch size of the well-known Pyramid line, and has a capacity of six gallons per minute against elevations up to 100 feet. It is operated by a one-quarter horsepower Westinghouse motor mounted on a bracket attached to the…

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