New England Water Works Convention

Issue 14 and Volume 60.

New England Water Works Convention Following is a revised list of the active members in attendance at the convention of the New England Water Works Association, held at Portland, Me.: Ackerman, J. Walter, Chief Eng. & Supt., Auburn, N. Y. Agnew, Samuel A., Supt., No. Scituate, Mass. Albee, Wesley W., Supt. & Eng., Augusta, Me. Appleton, brands E., Paymaster, LOCKS & Canals Co., Lowell, Mass. Andrews, F. L., Sanford, Me. Aston, James, Pittsburg, Pa. Bailey, Frank S., Civil Eng., Ea. Braintree, Mass. Baker, M. N., Vice-Pres. N. J. Board of Health. Bancroft, Lewis M., Supt., Reading, Mass. Barrows, H. K., Consulting Eng., Boston, Mass. Batchelder, George W., Commr., Worcester, Mass. Berry, Fred D., Sec’y Brd. of Water Com., Hartford, Conn. Bean, George H., Civil Eng., Philadelphia, Pa. Bisbee, Forrest E., Supt., Auburn, Me. Blair, Clarence M., Civil Eng., New Haven, Ct. Bowers, George, Consulting Eng., Lowell, Mass. Bowker, Charles L.,…

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