Lightning Rods as a Protection to Buildings.

Issue 18 and Volume 60.

Lightning Rods as a Protection to Buildings. Lightning rods properly installed are almost an absolute protection and out of every $1,000 worth of damage done to unrodded buildings by lightning, $990 would be saved if the buildings were properly rodded—a very strong statement—but it has taken thirteen years of investigation to compile data that enables us to make that statement. From reports of eighteen insurance companies it is found that in every two hundred farm buildings insured, forty-two are rodded, but out of every two hundred struck by lightning only three arc rodded—we should expect forty-two if the rods were no good. Or, stating it in another way, in every seven thousand unrodded buildings insured by these companies, thirty-seven were struck and several burned, but out of every seven thousand rodded ones, only two were struck and only slightly damaged, while we should expect thirty-seven if the rods were no…

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