Recent Fires in Minneapolis

Issue 18 and Volume 60.

Recent Fires in Minneapolis The Minneapolis, Minn., fire department was hindered in its work at a fire at the Liquor Company’s building, in Washington avenue north, Minneapolis, Minn., by closed fire shutters on all windows on the side and rear. It was a fourstory structure, built of brick and light joist construction and covered an area of 24 by 150 feet. A citizen discovered the fire at 4.02 p. m., and the department, which is commanded by Chief C. W. Ringer, found the flames had eaten their way throughout the building. Twelve engine companies, four motor combinations, seven aldder companies and one motor auxiliary company and one water tower were in service, with 193 firemen and ten thousand feet of hose. A Seagrave motor triple combination pumping engine did great work. The water tower and turret pipes were used. Twenty engine streams were thrown. Chief Ringer, by able work, confined…

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