Hotel Destroyed at Drumright

Issue 18 and Volume 60.

Hotel Destroyed at Drumright One of the most serious fires that ever vis ited Drumright, Okla., recently occurred when a hotel and poolroom were burned to the ground. The origin of the fire is unknown, but it is supposed to have started in a laundry. The entire fire department responded, doing excellent work. Chief John Marcus was out of town and Assistant Chief Klinglesmith directed the firemen, and it was due to their untiring efforts that the adjacent property was saved. So far as is known, only one person lost his life, although a number were injured in jumping from the burning structure. The purchase of modern fire apparatus is being agitated in Drumright In commenting on the Morrow Hotel fire a local newspaper said: “ 1 he burning of the Morrow Hotel is a vivid illustration of what takes place when a fire starts without proper fire escapes and…

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