Decreased Fire Loss in Atlanta.

Issue 18 and Volume 60.

Decreased Fire Loss in Atlanta. Chief William B. Cody, of Atlanta, Ga., began this year with a determination to reduce the fire loss of the city. He does not mean to say that every effort was not made last year to prevent fires and to extinguish them after they were started, but this year he has added educational efforts and rigid house to house inspection. The city’s fire loss last year was $503,485, and with three-fourths of this year gone, the loss was nothing like the total that went up in flames last year, and if the remaining three months bring no catastrophe, this year’s record will be one of the best in the history of the fire department. Chief Cody’s campaign to educate the public on fire prevention was marked with special exercises in the public schools of the city on Fire Prevention Day, impressing on the minds of…

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