Water Main Puzzle at Syracuse

Issue 18 and Volume 60.

Water Main Puzzle at Syracuse Superintendent Charles A. Windholz, of the Syracuse, N. Y., Bureau of Water, has a peculiar problem on his hands in the apparent rotting of an eight-inch main passing through a strong salt marsh near that city. Recently the main has caused considerable trouble, terminating with a double rupture a few days ago. What it is that caused the pipe to change its appearance and consistency so that it resembles carbon or graphite is still a mystery. No solution has yet come from the exhaustive investigation conducted by the chemists of the Syracuse University. There is, however, a belief prevalent that chemical action, resulting from the heavy charge of salt and other chemicals in the marsh and the nature of the soil, is responsible for the peculiar action of the pipe. Engineer Frederick La Tourrette, of Jersey City, suggests that the eating away of the main…

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