Issue 20 and Volume 60.

BREAKS IN PIPE LINES* There is scarcely any community of size on this continent which has not, at some time or other, had failures in the mains of its water distribution system, which were, or seemed to be, inexplicable. It is apparent that the prevention of such breaks is an important matter, and a study of the incidents leading to these disasters will help us to understand the reasons for them. Knowing these, the search for remedies may begin. Sometimes a pipe line seems to be afflicted with an epidemic of failures. These are generally confined to large pipes, usually supply mains. In such cases it would seem natural to suspect that the character of the pipe was at fault. Isolated breaks may, of course, be due to defective pipe, but they are more likely to be caused by defective workmanship in laying, or by local influences, such as settlement…

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