Issue 20 and Volume 60.

TWO-PLATOON ORDINANCES A modified two-platoon system was recently authorized by the City Council of Chicago, Ill. The Council directed that the system be in operation by April 1, 1917. It will apply to all firemen below the battalion chiefs. A move to submit the question to a referendum vote next April and another to make the ordinance operative if funds can be found were defeated. Some aldermen estimated the plan would cost about $300,000 a year. It provides for twentyfour hours’ work and twenty-four hours’ “off” duty. The Chicago Board of Fire Underwriters’ officials notified an alderman, chairman of the finance committee, that the system would require approximately 640 additional firemen, costing more than $700,000 a year. The finance committee opposed the ordinance and urged instead Alderman Merriam’s resolutions directing the finance committee to recommend the plan in the next budget if it was financially possible. A few years ago…

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