Issue 20 and Volume 60.

SPRINKLER SYSTEMS IN OPERATION. The varying effectiveness and difficulties attendant upon the use of automatic sprinkler systems were recently given a notable illustration in the City of Rochester, N. Y., where, according to press reports, the sprinkler system in one factory building became disarranged with the result that a false alarm of fire was given, while on the same morning the system in another factory building held a fire in check until the arrival of the fire department. Newspaper accounts state that at 3.10 a.m. a telephone alarm summoned Battalion Chief Creegan and several companies to the Rochester Storage Company’s plant. It was found that the mechanical sprinkler system mechanism had become disarranged with the result, the alarm, a bell on the outside o fthe building, rang. A watchman then summoned the firemen. Battalion Chief Creegan, who investigated, learned that the cause of the alarm was too great pressure on…

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