Wooden Buildings in Rahway Burned

Issue 20 and Volume 60.

Wooden Buildings in Rahway Burned The premises occupied by Washington Hall and Gries Brothers in Rahway, N. J., and containing stocks of dry goods, notions, furniture, bedding, musical instruments and shoes, were burned recently, the damage amounting to about $15,000 on the building and $55,000 on the contents. The buildings were constructed of wood. One was 100 by 85 feet and the other was sixty feet deep and were two and three stories high. The buildings were erected sixty-four years ago and the structures, together with the contents, afforded ready fuel for the flames. Chief Frahcis T. Hally and the firemen were hindered in the performance of their work by many back draughts. The fire, which was discovered by a passerby at 12:15 a. m., was, it is stated, of incendiary origin, and started in the rear in a narrow opening between the buildings. Chief Hally found the fire spreading…

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