Issue 20 and Volume 60.

FIRE DEPARTMENT DOINGS Two firemen were injured and two nearly suffocated in a recent fire at Chester, Pa. In Newark, N. J., on election day, a two platoon ordinance was carried. Plaza, N. D., has recently formed a volunteer fire department. Chief Ole Herried is in charge. Members of the fire department of Scranton, Pa., have recently asked for an increase of $10 a month. An American-La France steam fire engine has been secured as a relief engine for Seabright. N. J. Richmond, la., is to have another fire house. There is considerable difference of opinion as to the location of it. The Mechanicsburg Fire Company of Marietta, Pa., now has a newly built and equipped up-to-date fire house. Chief Fred Rethschlag, of Red Wing, Minn., recently decided to purchase a 30-gallon chemical tank for the chief’s car. The city of Lima, Ohio, is constructing a fire station at Lincoln…

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