New Wells at Galveston

Issue 21 and Volume 60.

New Wells at Galveston Galveston, lexas, has a new water well at Alta Loma that will produce as high as 1,700,000 gallons a day. This is the third well of a group of three, all of which, go over the 1,000,000-galions-a-day mark set in the contract. The battery of wells is capable of a maximum delivery of more than 4,000,000 gallons every twenty-four hours, as much water as Galveston uses, without, if it was found expedient, calling on the old wells for any water at all. The test of the third well at Alta Loma was made recently with a waterhead of sixty feet. The exact flow as measured showed 1,200,000 gallons per twenty-four hours, and. Water Commissioner Shay says, could easily have passed the 1,700,000 mark, with a waterhead at fifty feet. Some time ago an appropriation of $52,000 was made to improve the water supply. Three wells have…

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