Issue 21 and Volume 60.

WATER BUSINESS SPECIALS Yonkers, N. Y.—The city is to enlarge the water system next year. Mankinson, N. D.—City may be ready to receive bids for a water works system, tower and tank about Dec. 1. George M. Rennix, Auditor. Burlington, Vt.—The City Council contemplates extending water mains to suburban parts. Newark, N. J.—Chief Engineer Morris R. Sherrerd recommends that meters be purchased, so as to meter all services. Worcester, Mass.—The Water Committee of the City Council recently recommended the purchase of water pipe. Glencoe, Minn.—Bonds for $250,000 for water works system were approved at recent election. Peter Hatz, City Clerk. Camendge, Minn.—A $15,000 bond issue for water works will be voted upon by the citizens. Omaha, Neb.—The Metropolitan Water District will extend water works. Lake Mill, Ia.—It is proposed to construct reservoir and lay three miles of water mains. T. J. Stevenson, Clerk. Columbus, O.—The Superintendent of Water Supply advocates…

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